Philips Releases Its Annual Global Sleep Survey Results

Royal Philips has released the findings from its annual global survey in the report, “Better Sleep, Better Health. A Global Look at Why We’re Still Falling Short on Sleep,” which looked at what keeps people in 13 countries from getting their optimal night’s rest. Philips aims to use these findings to further enhance conversation about an important yet often forgotten pillar of health and wellbeing: sleep health.

What’s more, Philips was a secondary sponsor for an overnight sleep experience held in Austin on March 12 (and pictured above), in advance of World Sleep Day, which was March 16.

Annual Sleep Survey

Results from Philips’ annual sleep survey showed that globally, 77% of adults have tried to improve their sleep in some way, and 36% of adults across the globe have tried listening to soothing music to improve their sleep (an insight put to the test at the sleep experience in Austin). The survey, conducted online in February by Harris Poll on behalf of Philips, reviews the sleep habits of over 15,000 adults across 13 countries (United States, the UK, Germany, Poland, France, India, China, Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan), taking a closer look at how sleep is prioritized, addressed, and perceived by populations around the globe.

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