Parents Continue to Search for Solutions to GenZ Screen Addiction

In today’s world of chaos and on-the-go lifestyle, smartphones have become an essential utility in our busy lives. But the impact of screen time intensifies with younger generations, especially for GenZ, the first generation to be raised entirely on technology. For a generation that only knows a life fueled by technology, smartphones and social media, parent anxiety is rising about the adverse effects on the social development of young adults.

In a Harris Poll conducted in December of 2017, we found that nine in ten parents with a minor agree that growing technology use has insidious consequences on teenagers. The survey also revealed that 80 percent of adults agree that social networks are creating an identity crisis in young adults. From Instagram to Snapchat, American adults are increasingly alarmed by the links between social media platforms and depression and alienation in teens.

Social media aside, screen time has reached new limits and parents struggle to monitor activity. In fact, forty-eight percent of adults surveyed in August 2016 by Harris Poll for the American Psychology Association indicated that regulating their kid’s screen time is a “constant battle” and 58 percent said they feel like their child is attached to their phone or tablet.

Given the rising worry, parents are in a constant search for new approaches to decrease screen time for their kids. Unfortunately, parents aren’t finding the answers from the companies selling the digital devices their kids can’t put down.

Despite the mounting pressure from Apple investors to address what they said was a growing problem of teens getting addicted to Apple’s iPhone, parents still say Apple makes it too hard get kids to put down their iPhones. A recent article in USA Today highlighted that even with Apple’s claims that they look out for kids with parental control settings on the iPhone, parents are still searching for effective solutions.

Apple’s inability to solve this issue is a big warning sign to consumer families, and we have already started to see Apple’s reputation decline. This year Apple’s corporate reputation score dropped 24 points to No. 29 from its previous position of No. 5 in the 2018 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient ranking, which is measured by main street consumers.

Parents are still left wondering what the antidote will be for the screen time epidemic and who will lead the movement…