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Harris On Demand Smart Pitch

Harris On Demand is now offering Smart Pitch to provide a quick and affordable approach to invest in your new business pitches in a smarter and effective way. Our quick-turnaround custom survey solution provides timely, accurate and insightful data, all backed by the credibility of The Harris Poll name. From questionnaire design to interpreting the findings, Harris consultants work hand-in-hand with you throughout the process to maximize the value of the research for new business pitches. This fast, cost-effective tool has been helping strategy and agency leaders drive advertiser engagement for over 20 years. 

Results delivered in as little as 48 hours

Nationally representative sample of 2,000 U.S. adults

Cross tabulated data across set of standard demographics & top-line summary of findings

Smart Pitch offers the fielding of 5 questions in any of the following formats: Simple or multiple-choice pick list (up to 15 responses), Grid with consistent 5-point scale (up to 5 attributes), Open-ended question

Why Harris On Demand Smart Pitch

  • Provide insights beyond what the client already knows 
  • Come prepared with deep insight into their target audiences and better understand consumer awareness, attitudes, usage, and sentiment
  • Highlight ability to generate successful campaigns and drive to know their consumers better than even they do 
  • Fill gaps in prior research or supplement syndicated insights tools
  • Provide credible validation for your recommended strategy 
  • Showcase value to your client, demonstrating that you’ll bring something unique and new to their business 
  • Establish industry knowledge and stay informed

Our team will enable you to be a “data storyteller” by putting the insights in context, clearly outlining the story this data tells about consumers, and allow you to highlight your pitch by helping the client visualize your strategy and ideas.

Your Harris On Demand Smart Pitch Investment Includes

  • Survey consultation and question development
  • Programming and survey fielding
  • Coding open-ended questions
  • Data tabulation in Excel and PDF format –easy to use with data visualization tools
  • General demographic information including gender, age, marital status, parental status, region, household income and more
  • Top-line summary to highlight key insights
What Our Clients Are Saying

"Harris has been a great thought partner for NerdWallet to gather valuable insights into consumer sentiment and behavior for public release. Their data is thorough and trusted among media."

Communications Team


"In my line of work, integrity and newsworthiness are everything. The Harris Poll provides clients with an opportunity to turn accurate, credible, and honest findings into compelling news stories that readers can use to inform important decisions and which help amplify sponsors brands among key audiences."

Joe Franscella, Sr. Director, Strategy


Use Harris On Demand For…


Consumer Insights

Consumer attitudes and usage

Fill research gaps of existing studies

Monitor customer sentiment



Ad and message testing

New product testing

Concept testing

Brand and product awareness

Corp Comm/Public Affairs

Crisis management

Ongoing reputation pulses

Get ahead of issues


PR/Media Relations

Thought leadership

Content marketing

Strong headlines

Social trends

The Harris Difference

Research expertise and survey solutions to meet any need.

Robust Sample

2,000 U.S. Harris Poll qualified adults complete survey, compared to industry average of 1,000.

Media Ready

All data is public release ready, backed by The Harris Poll name in as little as 48 hours.

Global Reach

Access to 30+ global markets across a range of demographics.

Research Expertise

Harris consultants work with you hand-in-hand to design the right questions and interpret the findings.