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Ask questions. 

Harris research consultants work hand-in-hand with you to design questions for credible, high-quality results.

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Reliable data in your inbox in as little as 24 hours, backed by the credibility of the Harris Poll name.

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Feel confident that you’re moving forward with decisions that will help your business grow.

Quick-Turn Research That’s Affordable

At Harris, we take the guesswork out of decision making, so you can focus on what matters most: running your business.


Use Harris On Demand to:

  • Optimize ideas before they go to market
  • Avoid costly missteps with concept testing
  • Learn how people see your products and/or brand
  • Optimize communications and messaging, then track performance
  • Make headlines with buzzworthy, timely data
  • Provide support for ideas for investors or other stakeholders
  • Generate startup market research to clearly define a new business model

On Demand Lite

Outsource your small business and startup market research to the experts.

We know your time is precious and want you to spend it where it matters most. Our team of research experts can take the guesswork of decision-making off your plate so you can focus on all the other hats you’re wearing.

On Demand Lite is an even more cost-effective way of gaining access to our quick-turn research solution, providing data to you in as little as 48 hours starting at just $499 per question.


On Demand Innovation

Make sure others love your ideas as much as you do.

Prioritize the ideas that will grow your business and your vision with reliable, rapid concept testing to match the pace of today’s fast-moving marketplace.

Whether you need to narrow down a list of 100 thoughts or refine a more fully fleshed out concept, Harris has a proprietary concept testing platform that is just right for your business needs.

Learn more about On Demand Innovation.

On Demand Messaging

Message testing, at the pace of today’s newsfeed.

In today’s always on, swipe right culture, it has never been more difficult to reach your customers. Harris On Demand’s message testing platform helps you understand what’s most relevant, right now.

Test headlines, taglines, logos, press release and other content, delivered in a simple scorecard format that shows which are most compelling and likely to impact purchase behavior, as well as heat-mapping for areas to tweak or refine.

Learn more about On Demand Messaging.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Harris has been a great thought partner for NerdWallet to gather valuable insights into consumer sentiment and behavior for public release. Their data is thorough and trusted among media."

Communications Team


Harris On Demand

We provide affordable, reliable data to answer up to 20 of your burning questions in as little as 48 hours.

Our team of consultants craft the right questions to address the specific need and budget of our clients. The Harris On Demand surveys reach up to 2,000 respondents, representative of U.S. adults. Just two days after the fieldwork begins, our clients will receive cross tabs across a set of standard demographics including gender, age, region, income, education, and more.

By combining accuracy and integrity with the pace needed to succeed today, all data is backed by the credibility of the Harris Poll name for insights that stand up with your customers, company, and the media.

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The Harris Difference

Expertise and solutions to meet any need.

Robust Sample

2,000 U.S. Harris Poll qualified adults complete survey, compared to industry average of 1,000.

Media Ready

All data is public release ready, backed by The Harris Poll name in as little as 24 hours.

Global Reach

Access to over 28 global markets and niche audiences, such as parents, youth, millennials, online shoppers and others.

Research Expertise

Harris consultants work with you hand-in-hand to develop the right questions to yield high quality results, and help you interpret the findings.

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