Here Are The Olympic Sports Debuting in PyeongChang. But What About Dog Sledding?

The International Olympic Committee added four new events to the 2018 Winter Olympic sports in PyeongChang, creating a new wave of excitement for Olympic athletes, fans and spectators across the globe and inviting new ideas for future Winter Olympic sports.

Of the newly added sports, the alpine skiing team event added a new racing format for the Olympics, where for the first time ever at the Olympics, men and women will join forces to race down a slalom side by side in a single-elimination event.

In the newest snowboarding event, “Big Air,” snowboarders soar down a 49-meter tall ramp where they launch off to get big air – as the new event name indicates. Canada’s Max Parrot and Austria’s Anna Gasser are expected to win the gold medal for the inaugural event.

The other two new events added this year are mass starting for speedskating and mixed doubles for curling, bringing a whole new team dynamic to each event. But with just one week left for the Olympics Winter Games, what other Olympic sporting events should be added to the Winter Games? In a recent Harris Poll, we asked Americans just that: Nearly 1 in 4 said dog sled racing (23%), while others said, snowmobiling (16%), speed skiing (15%), ice climbing (13%) and downhill ice skating (11%). There was no polling of America’s dogs to get their opinion.