New Survey Shows Nearly Half of Americans are Unfamiliar with Cryptocurrency

By Jacob Godshall | UNHASHED |

A recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll has been published by the American Institute of CPAs and provides new insights into investor interest surrounding cryptocurrency. According to the poll, nearly half of Americans interested in investing are not familiar with cryptocurrency. The newly published survey conducted between April 5th and April 8th interviewed 1,014 investors over the phone, 510 of whom were men and 504 were women. All participants were over the age of 18.

How many Americans are Familiar with Cryptocurrency?

The survey shows that 48% of US adults are not familiar with cryptocurrencies: BitcoinEthereum or Litecoin. Among the 42% of Americans familiar with crypto there were clear divisions between the perceived outlook for the future of the market. 24% felt cryptocurrency would grow in value, 29 predicted the market to worsen, 35% predicted wild fluctuations and 12% predicted the market would remain stable.

Millenials and Gen Xers More Bullish on Volatile Markets

48% of those surveyed held the belief that volatile markets offer easy opportunities for profit. Noticeable differences in perception towards the potential for profit in volatile markets sprung up based on age among those surveyed.

“Millennials (aged 20-37) and Gen Xers (aged 38-53) are much more likely than Boomers (aged 54-72) to agree about the potential profitability of this short-term buying and selling high-risk behavior (62% and 55% vs. 37%),” reads a report published today.

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