New Study Finds Many Devoted Pet Parents Don’t Drive Safely with Their Pets: Do You?

By Kelli Bender | People |

Dogs are members of our family, which means it isn’t odd to find canines hitting the road with their humans.

Unlike humans, canines can’t safely ride in a car with just a buckled seatbelt, they require a little more protection before taking a drive.

Unfortunately, a new study from Volvo Car USA and Harris Poll has revealed that many devoted dogs parents are unaware of the precautions they need to take to ensure their pet is safe while they are on the road.

Titled “Volvo Reports: Dogs, Cars and the People Who Love Them,” this study first explores the undeniable bond an increasing number of individuals feel towards their pooches. In a poll of U.S. pet owners, 69% considered their dogs to be part of the family, with 23% going as far as saying they consider their canines to be children. In the same poll, 38% of dog owners said they do not go on vacations when their pups can’t join them.

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