National Day of Unplugging: When It Comes to Digital Detox, Millennials Are in the Lead

It’s National Day of Unplugging again; that annual 24-hour respite from glowing screens, social media and technology in general.

Across social media, celebrities, schools, businesses, nonprofits and people around the world are reveling in the digital detox in order to unwind and do non-technology related activities. Now in its ninth year, Unplug Day gives people a chance to “disconnect to connect” with themselves and their loved ones. Its organizers, Reboot, created the event as an outgrowth of their Sabbath Manifesto, which urges individuals to take a pledge to unplug from technology regularly.

Furthermore, when it comes to taking digital detoxes, millennials are in the lead as our recent Harris poll shows that 16% try to unplug at least once a week, compared to 13% of Americans in general. More than half of millennials (61%) strongly/somewhat agree that they would take digital detoxes if their friends and family did it with them. Unplug Day also offers a good opportunity to assess smartphone/tech addiction and its adverse effects, particularly on teenagers. Our December 2017 Harris Poll revealed that 80% of adults agree that social networks are creating an identity crisis in young adults.