More Americans Are Rooting for The Eagles, But One-In-Five Are Just Tuning in For The Ads

By John Gerzema, CEO The Harris Poll |

We’re just hours from kick-off and according to our recent Harris Poll, the majority of Americans are rooting for the Eagles. One-third of Americans (34%) and almost half of football fans (52%) are rooting for the Eagles, while 19% are rooting for the Patriots (28% among those who follow football).

Perhaps it’s Tom Brady fatigue, or the love of an underdog. (According to SportsLine, the Patriots are 4.5 point favorites just hours before game time). Or maybe it’s because The Pats know how to rub it in: Arthur Blank, the owner of The Falcons was none too happy this week that The Patriots sported their Super Bowl rings with 243 diamonds in reference to the 24-3 lead The Falcons spotted them before losing last year.



But regardless of who wins, Americans just want the ads. Nearly half (47%) of Americans don’t care who wins the Super Bowl this year (47%, 20% among those who follow football). Instead, Americans are most excited for ads from Budweiser (35%), Doritos (31%), Coca Cola (29%), and M&Ms (21%). Enjoy the game!