Millennials Are Better Than Adults in Resisting Urge to Use Phones While Driving

By Martin Aguilar | Yahoo News |

Most of us can’t survive without mobile phones. In fact, most of us would feel incomplete if we forgot our mobile phones at home. This is no surprise since we’re living in a technological era where almost everything is wirelessly connected.

Mobile phones, specifically smartphones, have its own advantage but it obviously also have a negative impact on humans. Some are so attached to their phones that they can’t let go of it and they would even use it while driving–risking their safety and of others. However, did you know that Millennials have a better control in resisting the urge to use phones while driving? Yes, you have to blame the adults when it comes to distracted driving and Volvo has conducted a study to prove this.

Volvo USA has teamed up with The Harris Poll to find out which generation of drivers are more likely to use mobile phones while driving. The result of the study is quite a surprise–it sees that Millennials are not the ones who are inseparable with phones. The study showed that Americans under Generation X (ages 35 to 45) are more likely to use their phones when driving as compared to younger generations (Millennials–ages 25 to 34; and Generation Z–ages 18 to 24). The study also revealed that 71-percent of Americans use their phone while driving and it identified the Generation X as “the most prevalent distracted drivers.” In addition, one in every three parents are said to admit that they use “their phones often when their kids are with them.”

With that in mind, 55 percent of Americans consider distracted driving as the top threat to road safety as compared to driving under the influence. While this is true, both issues can be prevented and avoided if most motorists are responsible drivers. However, that’s not the case when you consider the reality of things.

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