Majority of Americans Favor #MeToo and Want More Done on Fighting Violence Against Women

The #MeToo movement—which led to the resignations of several high-profile men in entertainment, business, politics and journalism—highlighted the mistreatment of women in the American workplace and beyond. In fact, Google is latest organization to come under fire for allowing a “bro culture” to fester and failing to prevent sexual harassment.

According to the recent Harvard CAPS-Harris survey, 55 percent of American voters have a favorable view of the #MeToo movement. Last November, however, during the early days of the #MeToo campaign, a Takeaway-Harris Poll found that out of the majority of women (62 percent) who are now comfortable speaking out and confronting their abusers, only 20 percent of them felt that way because they believed their companies will listen and be supportive. When it comes to workplace sexual harassment many people don’t feel like their companies, employers or HR departments will stand by them.

In order to capitalize on #MeToo’s momentum, Americans, therefore, want the cause to translate to real action and a majority are asking the current administration to do more for women. The Harvard CAPS-Harris poll revealed that 68 percent of American voters want President Donald Trump to do and say more about violence against women and three out of five want Congress to pass new legislation addressing violence against women.