Majority of Americans Agree It’s Time to Do Something About the Nation’s Decaying Infrastructure

America’s crumbling infrastructure has been an issue for quite some time now. 73 percent of roads in each state are in mediocre condition and one out of every nine bridges in each state has been classified as substandard. Back in 2017, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the nation’s overall infrastructure a grade of “D+” in its report card.

The Engineers estimate that, without any concrete measures, “by 2025, the United States will incur $3.9 trillion in losses to GDP, $7 trillion in lost business sales and 2.5 million in lost American jobs.”

And the general public wants action. According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, 84 percent of Americans support infrastructure investment. In fact, infrastructure development—from transportation to drinking water—has always been of interest to Americans. A 2011 survey from The Harris Poll found that two thirds of Americans (66%), who were then knowledgeable of the proposed high-speed rail projects at the time, were somewhat or very likely to consider using the service when traveling for pleasure.