Advisor Authority Study

These are just a few of the news stories inspired by Jefferson National’s June 2015 study on Advisor Authority.


Life Health Pro

Here are the innovation and practice issues fee-based advisors care about most

A survey commissioned by Jefferson National and conducted by Harris Poll earlier this year unveils the key issues that concern advisors regarding their practices, how to attract and retain new clients, what’s happening in the merger and acquisition arena and the perceived impact of M&As, and the future of the industry… Read more.

Source: Life Health Pro | Lynette Gil | December 8, 2015


Financial Advisor

Eight Traits of Highly Successful Advisors

In our recent Advisor Authority study of 535 RIAs and fee-based advisors nationwide conducted by Harris Poll, Jefferson National examined the issues that advisors care about the most. The vast majority believe that the profitability of their own practice will increase over the next 12 months. Supporting a movement to greater simplicity, transparency, choice, and ultimately the creation of greater value, RIAs and fee-based advisors are driving this change—and helping to create the future… Read more.

Source: Financial Advisor | Mitchell H. Caplan | August 18, 2015


Investment News

Reality of the robo invasion isn’t what advisers think

It is almost impossible for advisers to go through a day without hearing how robo-advisers are shaking the foundation of their industry — and changing how their clients get financial advice. According to much of the industry commentary and media coverage, advisers should duck for cover and run for the hills in the face of an inevitable “robo-invasion.”But the findings from our recent Advisor Authority Study, commissioned by Jefferson National and conducted online by Harris Poll among more than 500 RIAs and fee-based advisers nationwide, show a very different reality… Read more.

Source: Investment News | Mitchell H. Caplan | July 22, 2015