On International Women’s Day, Hundreds of Female Workers in Spain March to End Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Today in Spain hundreds of female workers are marking International Women’s Day with an unprecedented strike targeting gender inequality and sexual discrimination. Marching with the slogan, “if we stop, the world stops” they are highlighting the vital role of women in today’s society. As a result of the strike, 300 trains in Madrid will be canceled.

As it currently stands, women in Spain are paid 13% and 19% less than their male counterparts in the public and private sectors respectively, per data from the European Union’s statistical provider Eurostat.

What will it take to end gender inequality and sexual discrimination in the workplace?

In a recent Harris Poll, we found that 52% of Americans believe that companies need to be the first line of defense against workplace harassment and assault and male business leaders need to step up. Our poll also found that more female leaders are critical to ending the gender pay gap, as 75% said working in a female-owned company means female employees are more likely to get equal pay for equal work as their male counterparts, and 81% of women and 75% of men believe female-owned companies are more likely to include benefits like access to childcare.