Igniting Growth


Where are there untapped opportunities and unmet needs?

How can we best leverage our product portfolio to maximize the winners? What’s the halo effect?

What’s the size of the market and potential impact on my business?


Brand Portfolio & Architecture

Maximizing market coverage and minimizing overlap while increasing customer differentiation

  • Getting honest about top assets: Angels & Assassins
  • Mapping your role in consumer’s lives: Brand Archetypes

Product Development & Management

Supporting path of ideas from conceptualization to design, development, marketing, and maintenance

  • Knowing where to invest & why: Total Addressable Market & Pricing
  • Understanding what to cut: Quick Feature Optimization
  • Mapping missed expectations: Investigating Product Testing
  • Getting unstuck: Wildcatting
  • Crafts subconscious signals: Semiotics & Naming
Harris. Hard Data. Human Truth.