Here’s Why the Tech Industry Should Hire More Minorities

By  | TechRepublic |

The evidence is clear: A more diverse workforce leads to higher revenues and more creative teams. But despite funneling millions of dollars into well-intentioned diversity initiatives, white men remain overrepresented in the industry compared to the private sector as a whole.

The issue is difficult to address for a variety of reasons, including the fact that “the diversity problems of each race are different,” Buck Gee, an executive advisor at the nonprofit Ascend, told TechRepublic. “In Silicon Valley for blacks and Hispanics, the basic problem is getting in the door. The problem with Asian Americans in Silicon Valley is upper mobility to management. You need different strategies for each race, and you can’t just throw it in as a diversity program, because not all diversity programs are apt for all the races or genders.”

The lack of diverse hiring is usually not malicious, Gee said. “By and large, the executives I’ve dealt with in Silicon Valley and tech all want to do the right thing,” he added. “I don’t believe there’s an attempt to not be diverse. They’re so busy in their day-to-day priorities of hitting the numbers and running the business that unless there’s somebody inside the company pushing this and making it priority, it doesn’t get enough attention.”

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