Taking Paid Vacation

These are just a few of the news stories inspired by Glassdoor’s April 2014 study on Paid Vacation Use.



Only 25% Of Americans Take Their Paid Vacation

Are you planning to take time off for Passover or Easter this month? Will you go on a two-week holiday this summer? If not, you’re like the 75% of Americans who fail to take all the paid vacation they are due each year. On behalf of careers website Glassdoor, Harris Interactive took a poll of 2,300 workers who get paid vacation… Read more.

Source: Forbes | Susan Adams | April 4, 2014


CBS News

Why Americans take only half their vacation time

American workers only used half of their eligible vacation time during the past 12 months, a Glassdoor survey found. The top reason for not taking vacation time was the concern that no other employee could do the job, followed by a fear of getting behind. Seventeen percent of respondents said they were afraid of losing their job… Read more.

Source: CBS News | Aimee Picchi | April 4, 2014

Market Watch

Americans take half of their paid vacation, but Chinese take less

The situation is better — if far from ideal — in the U.S. Employees only use 51% of their eligible paid vacation time and paid time off, according to another recent survey of 2,300 workers who receive paid vacation. The survey was carried out by research firm Harris Interactive for the careers website Glassdoor. What’s more, 61% of Americans work while they’re on vacation, despite complaints from family members; one-in-four report being contacted by a colleague about a work-related matter while taking time off, while one-in-five have been contacted by their boss…. Read more.

Source: Market Watch | Quentin Fottrell | September 11, 2015