Female Workers Are Nearly Three Times More Likely Than Their Male Counterparts to Think There’s a Pay Disparity at Work, Finds CareerBuilder

Equal pay for equal work? Maybe not, according to CareerBuilder’s Equal Pay Day (April 10) survey on men and women in the workplace. Nearly a third of women (32 percent) do not think they are making the same pay as men in their organization who have similar experience and qualifications, compared to 12 percent of men.

More than 800 hiring and human resource managers, and more than 800 workers, both of whom are employed in the private sector across industries, participated in this nationwide survey, from November 28 and December 20, 2017.

(Un)equal Expectations
Does inequality at work start with differences in expectations? Men are more likely to expect higher job levels during their career — 29 percent of men think they will reach a director level or higher, compared to 22 percent of women. A quarter of women (25 percent) never expect to reach above an entry-level role, compared to 9 percent of men. Almost a third of women (31 percent) think they’ve hit a glass ceiling within their organization.

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