Female Leadership Is a Business Imperative

By Mary Ellen Holden | MediaVillage |

The convergence of demographic trends, business outcomes and new research strongly suggests that female leadership is good business.  The dominance of Millennials and the rapid growth of our multicultural population are fueling a cultural shift towards compassion, collaboration, connection, diversity and change at home and in the workplace.  Couple this with the First Round Capital findings reported in Forbes revealing that companies with female founders performed 63% better than those with all-male founding teams. So why is it that female founders received just 2.2% of all Venture Capital funding as reported in Fortune?

Jennifer DaSilva, President, Berlin Cameron (part of the WPP network) commissioned the “Female Leadership in the Era of #MeToo” Survey conducted by The Harris Poll in partnership with The Female Quotient to validate the customer promise of its newly launched Girl Brands Do It Better division.  Given this is a hot-button issue, hard evidence is required to transform power relations at the top and to engage men as co-beneficiaries of female leadership.  The Harris Poll Survey measures and provides independent, third-party verification of workplace trends and informs actionable insights based on responses from over 2,000 adults 18+ online.  This is the second time in a year that these partners have teamed up to discuss new research that sheds light on women advancing in the workplace.  The first study, conducted by The Harris Poll and Berlin Cameron, was reported on the Jack Myers KnowledgeExchange in October.

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