Ecoanxiety Is Now a Thing — And It’s Ruining Your Sex Life

By Nicole Lyn Pesce | Moneyish |

Here’s one way to trash your sex life.

Littering is the biggest turnoff for environmentally-conscious singles, according to a new Zoosk survey released ahead of Earth Day.

The dating site polled 5,100 men and women looking for love to see how protecting the planet factors into someone’s attractiveness, and 78% of people said they want to date someone who cares about the environment. So tossing garbage onto the ground is a deal-breaker for almost three in four (74%) of them. And that sustainable sin was followed by unnecessarily wasting food (32%), leaving the lights on (17%) and not recycling (17%).

Ninety-two percent of Americans are worried about the future of our planet, according to a recent Harris Poll. And millennials are particularly concerned, with nearly three quarters (72%) of people aged 18 to 34 suffering “ecoanxiety” — including racing thoughts, sleep problems and a feeling of uneasiness — from watching, hearing and/or reading negative news stories about the environment.

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