Dating in 2020: Turns Out It Could Get More Awkward

Morning Brew | Dec 19, 2020

We Brew writers spend a lot of time crafting a business newsletter that’s informative and non-face-meltingly-boring. Which means a lot of us are single. And when the pandemic hit, we weren’t sure if it was okay to keep swiping—or what we’d do if we found a promising connection. Nine months in, we still don’t have clear answers.

So we asked around

A new Morning Brew/Harris poll found that many of you are using those thumbs like the Lord intended, and we don’t mean hitchhiking:

  • Of respondents who had dated online before, more than two in five (42%) say they’re doing so more now compared to before the pandemic.
  • Apparently, quarantine can be the perfect time for romance—though not for everyone. 59% of respondents say they will be dating less once the pandemic is over, but 41% say they will date more.
  • We’re similarly polarized on the topic of dating FOMO. 44% say they feel a great deal/some anxiety about losing time to pursue dating during the pandemic, but 56% feel none/not much anxiety about it.

So what does a pandemic date look like? Those we polled said the ideal Covid-safe first date would involve meeting at an outdoor location (39%), video chatting virtually (35%), and staying socially distant with masks on (31%).

Bottom line: “The dating game in COVID is all screen and no scene,” said Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema. “While 40% are using dating apps more, 44% have anxiety over lost time dating in real life. Look for a dating boom when the vaccines reach the singles as almost half plan to date more once the pandemic is over.”

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