Brands: People Just Want Products that Make Them Happy and Healthy

By Ben Schiller | Fast Company |

What does the phrase “the good life” mean to you? Having enough money to do what you want? Achieving milestones in your career? Seeing family and friends regularly? Living more simply and healthily?

new survey finds that many of us pine for simplicity and health. We want more balance between work and home life. We don’t think money buys happiness. We’re prepared to give up money and luxury goods if it means fulfillment in our jobs. Moreover, despite America’s political differences, and its reputation for privileging status and money above all else, a lot of us feel the same way. There’s a surprising consensus on good life questions.

The research, from conscious capitalism booster Sustainable Brands and conducted by Harris Poll, ran in two parts. First more than 2,000 Americans were asked, in an open-ended way, what the good life means to them. Then, a second poll asked, quantitatively, what’s most important. More than one third of respondents (36%) prioritized “balanced simplicity;” 28% said “meaningful connection” with community is most important; 26% said “money and status.” And only 10% said “personal achievement” in career or educational standing.

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