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Some of Ocean Spray’s recent popularity, both on and off TikTok, stems from a viral video of a user skateboarding and drinking Ocean Spray, set to a classic rock jam. The buzz it generated points to the power of unlikely partnerships and also the idiosyncratic nature of viral content.

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Ocean Spray TikTok Tactics

Mirroring a popular meme, Ocean Spray branded itself as ‘the guy she told you not to worry about’ to gain an edge against private label juice brands.

Ocean Spray’s TikTok content effectively resonated with both users and non-users alike. The clip saw a gradual increase in reported enjoyment across users and all viewers, showing that similarly punchy and familiar meme-based content can help brands connect with both long-time and new users as the app’s user base expands.

Maintaining the brand

Ocean Spray’s post is moderately aligned with its brand perception among TikTokusers.

The correlation between how TikTok users perceive Ocean Spray and its TikTok video is moderate at 0.54, due to the level of alignment on traits including, simple and trustworthy.

Such content gives Ocean Spray an opportunity to boost its associations with being viewed as innovative, smart, and intelligent – in other words, “witty” – since those were top traits associated with the video.

Like Ocean Spray, brands that deploy content with desirable characteristics – even if not perfectly aligned with the brand – can use that content to improve perceptions and ultimately boost equity among TikTokaudiences.

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