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McDonald’s is one of the most well-known brands globally, but its TikTok presence is still nascent. Posts are largely focus on promoting menu items.

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McDonald’s TikTok Tactics

In February 2021, McDonald’s joined Popeyes and Chick–fil –A in the battle for the best chicken sandwich with three new menu items, all of which were promoted on TikTok using #crispyjuicytender.

While the hashtag itself has earned a sizable 4.1M views, McDonald’s #crispyjuicytender post received mixed reviews; among all viewers, enjoyment dwindled after just 5 seconds, but TikTok users found the video moderately enjoyable.

A lesson in curation

TikTok users’ interest in comedy and entertainment accounts presented an opportunity for the fast-food brand to level up its engagement; this video helped McDonald’s accomplish that.

#crispyjuicytender brought some quintessential TikTok energy to McDonald’s corporate and traditional profile.

The correlation between how TikTok users perceive McDonald’s and its TikTok video is low at 0.17, likely due to the video’s high “Fun” rating – a weaker trait for McDonald’s among this audience.

Although the video diverges from McDonald’s perceptions, it helps to boost the brand’s reputation among TikTok users by harnessing a characteristic that is valued by these users.

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Dami Rosanwo

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