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At DraftKings, we have three distinct parts of our business – DFS, Sportsbook and Casino. As a high growth company which is part of a heavily regulated industry, understanding our target consumer and user-base across each of our verticals is pivotal to our success as a brand.

Through the course of our company history, we’ve worked with a variety of agencies and have used various brand tracking tools – all of which have helped to provide insights with usable brand data. Harris Brand Platform provides the real-time data we were looking for. It’s been helpful in providing the in the moment, real-time data of what’s happening this week, and whether there has been any material change from last week. Considering our focus on promotional ad campaigns, Harris Brand Platform has allowed us to see how the marketplace responds to our promotions in real-time.

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“Harris Brand Platform has allowed us to see how the marketplace responds to our promotions in real-time.”

The tool allows us to see how our brand is being considered by the target US population that are most important to our business. In its current state, Harris Brand Platform is being used to provide a holistic view of the DraftKings master brand. Merged with our Google Analytics (and other metrics) we’re able to access a 360 view of DK brand. We had been looking for a tool like Harris Brand Platform to use for a while.

Victoria Kidder
Director, Brand & Customer Insight

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