Understanding Brand/Customer Interactive Touchpoints

What are Customer Touchpoints?

Customer or brand touchpoints are the specific interactions between a company and its audience. Touchpoint strategies are created by a company to enhance its customer’s experience with its brand, and they can encompass any number of physical, digital, and abstract components.

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Written By: Amir Kanpurwala

Published: 3/6/20

Customer interactive touchpoints page interface

Identifying Your Brand’s Interactive Touchpoints

Harris Brand Platform is a specially built brand tracker that allows companies to have an end-to-end view of how its customers are interacting with specific brand touchpoints. These insights help to identify and evaluate each brand touchpoint accurately, which will save time and money on future marketing strategies.

Customer touchpoint strategies mapping tool

Customer Touchpoint Mapping

Harris Brand Platform makes touchpoint marketing a breeze. The customer intelligence software interface features a visual, interactive touchpoint map along with correlating percentages that give an accurate breakdown of customer interaction. This helps users understand which touchpoints are successful, and which needs work. Users can also breakdown their touchpoint map data even further by applying filters, such as ethnicity, age, education, customer familiarity, for an even deeper understanding of their audience. 

Why Do Brand Touchpoints Matter?

Customer touchpoints are vitally important to your marketing strategy, and your overall brand health and brand equity. Every time a customer comes into contact with your brand, they will form some sort of impression of it. When used effectively, your customer touchpoints can enrich your brand and boost your marketing strategy, which will ultimately lead to more customers down the line.

Developing Your Customer Touchpoint Strategies

The first step of improving or changing your customer touchpoints is to understand them and use effective touchpoint mapping. Our brand tracking software makes this and other aspects of touchpoint marketing easy because it makes that data readily available, so you can work to make an action plan that will move your brand forward. 

Brand Touchpoint Comparisons

Harris Brand Platform is a unique tool because it allows you to evaluate your competitor’s brand touchpoints in addition to your own. With this knowledge in hand, brands can take advantage of any weaknesses and vulnerabilities they see in their industry to rise above the rest.

Bar chart showing customer interactive touchpoint comparisons

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