Competitive Intelligence – Definition & Analysis Guide

What is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence is the ongoing collection and analysis of information about a brand’s industry, customers, and competitors to develop robust marketing strategies and fill any competitive gaps. Competitive Intelligence helps companies understand their business environment in order to be more agile in their decision-making process. 

Harris Brand Platform is equipped with competitive intelligence software that is designed to gather and visualize competitive insights so businesses can better understand and strategize their business practices. Learn more about how Harris Brand Platform can empower your brand by requesting a demo today!

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Written By:  Taylor Weeks

Published: 3/13/20

screenshot of the competitive intelligence tools

The Importance of Competitive Intelligence Analysis

Competitive analysis allows companies to develop more intelligent and data-driven strategies, enhance their current and future marketing initiatives and product messaging, and discover new markets to tap into. Competitive intelligence software helps teams become better prepared to handle any market opportunities and disruptions. Having this information can help you better serve your customer base while keeping you ahead of your competition.

How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis

Here are five steps to conduct a competitive analysis:

1) First, identify your competitors

Look for companies that are performing exceptionally well in areas that your business could improve.

2) Then, identify the areas you want to focus on

Narrowing your focus to specific goals can make the analysis less complicated and more efficient.

3) Do a brand comparison to gather insights

Use competitive analysis tools, like Harris Brand Platform, to perform a brand comparison between your brand and its competitors can provide your company with a more comprehensive look at how your marketing and business initiatives are stacking up against your competition.

4) Look for areas of improvement

Turn your competitive analysis data into results with insights on how your brand could be improved.

5) Organize the findings to help make stronger business decisions

Utilize the information to rise above your competitors and capture more of the business market.

Many companies rely on expensive third-party tools and companies to conduct their competitive intelligence. With Harris Brand Platform, however, you can conduct competitive intelligence analysis in one, easy-to-use tool.

How Can Competitive Intelligence Software Help?

Harris Brand Platform’s software is equipped with competitive intelligence tools that collect information on competitors, entrants, prospects, partners, and more. These brand tracking tools help your business by gathering actionable data in fields like brand equity, brand perception, and conversion rates, to help empower your business decisions and make your marketing initiatives much more effective. Learn more about Harris Brand Platform by signing up for a free demo!

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