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Written By: Amir Kanpurwala

Published: 3/25/20

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Brand Surveys – The Best Way to See Brand Trends

Monitoring industry brand trends can be the difference between staying on top of your audience’s needs and falling behind your brand competitors. Conducting robust brand surveys is one of the best ways to monitor how your organization is performing over time to ensure that your company is building positive brand equity.   

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What is a Brand Survey?

Brand perception surveys are tools that help you understand brand trends and how your company is perceived by your audience, stakeholders, and employees. These surveys are composed of a series of questions that help gauge how your audience interacts with your services and how those interactions compare to your competitors. Additionally, brand surveys are a great way to see how your consumers are reacting to your marketing efforts. This not only boosts brand intelligence, but it also helps you find out how much brand momentum is behind your company so you can capitalize on it.

Setting Up a Brand Perception Survey

Setting up a brand survey is simple, but there are a few strategies that you should be aware of before you get started.



As you’re designing a brand perception survey, it’s important to ask the right questions. Focus your questions on four key areas of interest: cognitive, emotional, language, and action. Each area covers a different piece of your overall identity. These questions should start open-ended and then transition to list-style questions and questions that have an interactive positive-to-negative scale to get the best representation of your audiences’ thoughts.


These questions should focus on the positive and negative connotations that your consumers have.


Emotional questions gauge the feelings consumers have toward you.


These questions should help you understand how your audience digests and internalizes your business and its marketing efforts.


Questions surrounding action should outline the interactions your audience has had with your business to see how positive or negative they have been.


While the questions that many businesses include on their brand surveys can vary widely, there are three specific questions that industry thought leaders recommend always be included. They may seem simple at first, but their impact on your business’ understanding of your brand perception is significant: 

  • How does this brand make you feel?
  • Would you recommend this brand?
  • In the past 12 months, where have you read, seen, or heard about this brand?

These specific questions are designed to paint a full picture of your brand’s perception. With these three questions, you’ll be able to understand the cognitive associations of your organization, the emotional impact, how the language your stakeholders use affects your audience, and the tangible or intangible experiences your audience has with your business, in as few words as possible.

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