What Is Brand Perception?

Brand perception is the overall feeling an audience has about what a specific brand represents and embodies. How your audience perceives your business is a huge contributing factor to any future interactions. Harris Brand Platform has the ability to give you a deeper understanding of brand perception and enhance yours.

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Written By: David Zallis

Published: 2/26/20

Screenshot of the brand perception tool within Compass

Why Is Brand Perception Important?

Brand perception is a high-level benchmark that measures how your audience feels about your company. It is driven based on the way the brand positions itself to the world through its products, marketing, and actions. All of these can play a huge role in how the outside world sees your company. 

Brand perception affects how an individual chooses your product or service when a need arises for them but it also contributes to whether or not they will make a referral. Further, brand perception works to build brand equity which will, in turn, encourage your audience to interact with your company. Harris Brand Platform’s brand monitoring software allows businesses to see these changes happening in real-time through comprehensive data and this allows you to make more targeted actions that fit into your overall goals.

Measuring Brand Perception

Measuring brand perception boils down to understand how consumers talk about and describe the business. Getting a realistic idea of brand identity is helpful knowledge to have because it allows organizations to shape initiatives moving forward and tackle issues head-on. Because of this, companies need to work hard to collect reliable data on their brand image.

Harris Brand Platform

To accurately measure and track your brand perception, rely on Harris Brand Platform by The Harris Poll. Our brand tracking software measures 25 different attributes that encompass how consumers think of organizations (e.g., Traditional, Cool, Hip, Unconventional), allowing marketing teams to dig deeper into brand perceptions. Our brand tracker also makes it easy to see where a business is differentiated and any missed opportunities that competitors are taking advantage of.

Consumer Surveys

Customer surveys and focus groups can be great tactics for gaining an understanding of how your customer base perceives your brand. With them, you’re able to get feedback straight from the source. Harris Brand Platform has survey results coming in daily, so it is able to compile accurate perception rates that are updated on a constant basis.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media marketing is an integral part of an overall branding strategy, but its importance can’t be overstated when talking about brand perception. Social media is a prime touchpoint for your audience, so implementing tactics like social listening, checking online reviews, and monitoring social media can strengthen your understanding of how your audience perceives your business.

graphic representing understanding customers

Understanding Customers

Beyond just understanding how your customers feel it is also important to know who they are. Demographic and psychographic information such as age, gender, location, and interests can contribute greatly to perception. All of these factors affect the ways consumers interact and perceive brands in their daily lives. In addition, evaluating the drivers and barriers they have when it comes to interacting with products and services can be critical.

These drivers are the things that motivate them such as a free trial or easy returns process meanwhile the barriers they face could be high prices or trouble using the offering. As such, having a solid understanding of consumers will allow you to tailor your brand more effectively to their needs and desires. In turn, this can benefit your brand perception substantially.

Changing Brand Perception

In the digital landscape, your reputation and branding are everything. Shifting how your audience perceives your brand can be challenging, but with the right tools and knowledge on your side, it can be done effectively, saving you time and earning your business money in the long run. Let Harris Brand Platform help you with your branding strategy today by scheduling a free demo!

Graphic symbolizing a customer's changing brand perception

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