Global Prostate Cancer Survey

These are just a few of the news stories inspired by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc’s June 2015 Global study on Prostate Cancer.

Uro Today

When Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Aren’t Speaking, Clinicians Must Encourage Talk About Emerging Symptoms – A Conversation with Neal Shore, MD.

These findings emerged from the international, large, Prostate Cancer Symptoms Survey, which was commissioned by the International Prostate Cancer Coalition (IPCC), and supported by Bayer HealthCare.* The Harris Poll research organization conducted the survey with both US and international (Europe and Asia) respondents… Read more.

Source: Uro Today | February 5, 2016


Blasting News

Tumore Alla Prostata: Da Un’indagine Risulta Che Molti Uomini Sottovalutano La Patologia

Questo è ciò che emerge dal rapporto ”International Prostate Cancer Symptoms Survey”, presentato al Congresso europeo sul cancro (Ecc) tenutosi dal 25 al 29 settembre 2015 a Vienna, il quale ha coinvolto oltre 1200 uomini di dieci differenti nazioni (tra cui l’Italia). L’indagine è partita da un’iniziativa dell’International Prostate Cancer Coalition (IPCC), ed è stata coordinata da Harris Poll, supportato da Bayer Healthcare… Read more.

Source: Blasting News | Nicola Celentano October 1, 2015


News Medical

Spotting the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer: an interview with Brian Tomlinson

That Harris Poll survey is the one commissioned by the IPCC, and I think there are a number of reasons why the majority of men living with advancing prostate cancer often ignore their symptoms. In general, men are often reluctant to talk about these issues. It’s often difficult or uncomfortable for men. The survey found that 22 percent of men reported that talking about pain makes them feel weak… Read more.

Source: News Medical | April Cashin-Garbutt | July 7, 20151


Zero Cancer

The Prostate Cancer Blogger Summit: A Conversation About Speaking Up on the Symptoms of Advancing Prostate Cancer

The conversation during the Summit focused on eye-opening results from the U.S. arm of the global Prostate Cancer Symptoms Survey, which ZERO helped to commission alongside Bayer and our fellow International Prostate Cancer Coalition groups: CancerCare, Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI), Patient Advocates for Advanced Cancer Treatments (PAACT), Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN), Us TOO International, GEPAC and Europa Uomo. The Harris Poll survey of 505 advanced prostate cancer patients and caregivers was conducted earlier this year from February 12-April 13, with the goal of understanding the experiences of those affected by the disease and its symptoms… Read more.

Source: Zero Cancer | June 1, 20151


1Parts of the study specifically related to American patients were pre-released in the United States. You can read the release here