Announcing The Axios Harris Poll 100: Ranking the Reputations of the 100 Most Visible Companies In America

The Axios Harris Poll 100, which ranks the reputations of the 100 most visible companies in the U.S. by consumers, shows that Americans value stability and steadfastness, embracing brands untainted by deception or corruption, with Wegmans (#1), Amazon (#2), Patagonia (#3), L.L. Bean (#4) and Walt Disney (#5) ranking highest.

Several of the country’s most well-known brands lost favor among Americans with Facebook (-43), Tesla Motors (-39), McDonald’s (-29), Target (-23) and Nike (-22) taking the biggest dives while others remained at the bottom of the annual reputational list, such as Dish (#95), Wells Fargo (#96), Sears (#97), the Trump Organization (#98), Phillip Morris (#99) and the U.S. Government (#100).

Among the companies with the biggest reputational gains were Samsung (+28), Sony (+21), 21st Century Fox (+21), the Home Depot (+14) and Procter & Gamble (+12).

Tech Sector Wins and Losses

Facebook, which had the largest drop in the tech sector, was followed by Google (-13), from #28 in 2018, to #41 in 2019; and Apple (-3), which ranked as high as #2 in 2016, fell to #29 in 2018, and #32 in 2019.

“For two years in a row, the public has ranked data privacy as America’s most pressing social issue and consequently, it’s no surprise that tech giants perceived as egregiously mishandling users’ personal information had severe reputational losses,” said John Gerzema, CEO, The Harris Poll.

Other big tech brands saw their reputations rise or remain steady with Samsung (+28 / #7), Microsoft (+2 / #9) and Sony (+21 / #10). More specifically, Microsoft has been on a steady incline on the RQ since 2016, ranking at #20 from 2016-17, #11 in 2018 and now breaking into the top ten in 2019 at #9. Additionally, Microsoft ranked high on key RQ dimensions, taking #4 for Business Trajectory and achieving high marks for Trust (#19) and Character (#18)

“Americans are emotionally drained and disillusioned by corporate misdeeds, and   rebuked companies wracked by ethical or financial wrongdoings and rocky leadership, and rewarded those who stayed out of the fray,” continued Gerzema.

Tesla’s Tumble

In 2018, Tesla took the top spot at #3, however this year, perhaps negatively impacted by  its controversial CEO, Tesla’s rank dropped 39 points to #42 and had significant declines across ethical attributes such as Trust (-32), from #14 in 2018 to #46 this year and Ethics (-51), from #5 in 2018 to #56 this year.


For the biggest RQ winners and losers, please see the table below and for a full list of the Axios Harris Poll 100, please click here.

About the Axios Harris Poll 100
The Axios Harris Poll 100 ranks the reputations of the most visible companies in the U.S. The survey is conducted among 18,288 Americans in a nationally representative sample. Powered by 20 years of proprietary research from The Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, The Axios Harris Poll 100 is a  measurement of what real people think right now about the companies in our cultural conversation.