America’s Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media, Quantified

By Rani Molla | Recode |

Millions of Americans use social media daily. But that doesn’t mean they love it. Or so they say.

Some of the most-used social media products in the world — Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram — are also some of the ones that Americans have strong negative feelings about, according to a recent Harris Poll that surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. adults online last month.

Case in point: Twitter. The service has 330 million monthly active users around the world, as of last September, and the U.S. president uses it to threaten nuclear war and blast the news media. Most people — 89 percent — are familiar with the platform, but they’re divided on how they feel about it, according to the poll. Some 46 percent of Americans surveyed wanted to, in the survey’s parlance, “kill it and hope it dies” while 43 percent wanted to “fuel it to keep it alive.”

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