4 popular US summer travel trends to expect, plus vacation ideas for each

By  | Business Insider | May 4, 2021

Since the CDC issued relaxed guidance for domestic travelamid the vaccine rollout, Americans have gotten busy planning vacations. In fact, 52% of US adults said they got the vaccine because they want to travel, according to a recent TIME/Harris Poll.

But the face of travel still doesn’t look exactly the same as it did prior to the pandemic — at least not yet. Major industry reports have homed in on emerging and continuing trends for the upcoming summer travel season.

Pulling key themes and data from reports generated by major industry players, including Airbnb, Vrbo, and Priceline, we identified four key trends for summer 2021 vacations. Below, we break down each trend. And since we know you’ll want to start booking these desirable lodging types and destinations, we also pulled together some of the best vacation rentals and ideas to book for each.

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